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Pegasus Model Equity Portfolio - Annual Commitment - includes 30 day Free Trial, $250 / Month

Products included with the purchase of Pegasus Model Equity Portfolio:

Momentum Indexing (“MI”) – MI analyzes the state of flow of supply and demand for 21 indexes representing a variety of investable asset classes utilizing proprietary analytics.  Recommendations may be either long or short depending on the momentum trend of the index. Exchange Traded Funds are used to express the resulting investment thesis.

MI is designed to be a tactical element of your portfolio strategy. It is intended to add Alpha to your portfolio; that is the added return over and above your portfolio’s baseline performance. The use of MI is simple. We do the technical analysis using proprietary analytics. Our goal is to generate actionable trade signals when indexes enter a directional change. We use a unique scoring model derived from our analytics which is heavily weighted based on the dynamics of Supply/Demand. The result of the MTS score determines the recommended Capital Allocation into either a Bullish or Bearish position, or to remain in cash.

 Our flagship Momentum Indexing - Invest publication is published weekly and provides Subscribers with an intermediate view of the directional trend and trend strength of the indexes we study.  This process identifies investing opportunities that move in cycles lasting a few weeks to several months, thereby eliminating the whip-saw actions associated with shorter-term trading.  By its nature, this will result in fewer recommendations, but Subscribers remain in positions longer while maximizing returns throughout the momentum cycle.

Market Master (“MM”) – MM is a unique study of a combination of five proprietary analytics and six major market indexes.  The combination of these market indicators enables us to form highly accurate conclusions as to the internal directional trend, trend strength and the potential for directional change of the US equity markets. The equity markets are complex, principally because it is driven by humans all making decisions based on their own needs, perceptions, forecasts, and emotions. The movements of the broad market are the principle determinate for investment returns for all investors, therefore understanding where the equity markets are in the current cycle is critical to any investors success.

Studies have shown that 85% of asset price movements are determined by the broad market moves.  Therefore know what the investable state of the overall market is key to successful investing.  This is valuable information if you are a Subscriber to our Momentum Indexing publication or are managing your own portfolio.