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Portfolio Research Partners has uses a unique analytical approach to understanding the natural cyclical flows of markets.  The focus of this analysis is the principle driving force of Supply & Demand, which in turn is influenced by the primary human emotions of Fear & Greed. We use a proprietary suite of analytic tools to help us determine momentum trends and possible directional changes.  The results of this analysis is then used to compute our unique Momentum Trend Score ("MTS").  The MTS ranges from +10 for Very Bullish to -10 for Very Beaish.  The MTS is then used to determine the recommended Capital Allocation for the particular directional trade.  Our goal with this approach is to take positions only once directional trends are confirmed and to exit before the trend ends.  We are happy to miss the first and last 10% of a move and to be satisified with the 80% in the middle which has the least risk.


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