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About Portfolio Research Partners

Welcome to Portfolio Research Partners, LLC (“PRP”). We hope that you find our strategies informative, useful and most importantly, profitable.

We are a research based, analytics focused firm, founded by Stephen McKay. We have developed a professional portfolio management strategy that any investor can adopt in managing their investment capital and realize returns that exceed the broad market indexes.  By using our unique approach to investing, supported by our proprietary analytic tools individual investors can take control of their investment portfolios, 401K accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts without the costs of advisors, brokers and mutual fund fees.

According to US News, in 2012 89.84% of professional money managers failed to meet the performance of S&P 500 for their funds and client accounts. This is not surprising since most professional money managers stay fully invested, even during corrective periods in the market(s). When you combine this with the fact that advisor and mutual fund fees can be as high as 4%-5% annually, it is not surprising that managed capital typically underperforms the broad market.

In fact when you think about it; if the average annual market return for US equities is about 8%, the fund managers would have to realize 12% just to return 8% to you after fees and expenses. That means that the fund manager would have to consistently beat the market by 50% for you to realize a return equal to the broad market indexes.

Individual investors face other issues that negatively affect the security of their financial future.

These are:
• Costs and fees charged by third party advisors can be up to half of the average
stock market return in a typical year;
• Markets tend to rise 60% - 70% of the time and fall 30% - 40%;
• Advisor and mutual fund fees and expenses rise as your portfolio rises;
• Fees and expenses are charged whether the investor makes a profit or not;
• Buy & hold is an ineffective strategy in today’s volatile markets;
• Buying a bunch of stocks is not a portfolio strategy;
• Sometimes it is in the best interest of an investor to be in the safety of cash, but
since most advisory fees are based on clients being invested in risk (stocks)
assets, it is never in the interest of brokers and advisors to recommend that
clients be out of the market(s);
• No one cares as much about your money as you do!

Using our proprietary analytics, we can predict price movements for any asset, index or market with a high degree of accuracy. We use seven analytic tools in our study of markets and asset prices. Taken together these tools have an 88% correlation to the subject asset. This means that our subscribers can confidently manage their own portfolios while incurring very low fees and transaction costs and profiting from the natural cyclical nature of the market. When combined with our proprietary analysis tools, we offer Subscribers a powerful alternative to traditional portfolio management solutions.

We use time tested qualitative and quantitative techniques first developed and codified by Richard Demille Wyckoff (click here to learn more) combines with propriety technical indicators (click here to learn more) which enable our subscribers the opportunity to exploit market volatility. Wyckoff understood that asset prices move because of investors being driven by two primary emotions; Fear and Greed. These emotions are the foundation for creating supply and demand which is the force that creates change in asset prices. In essence supply and demand is the force that moves markets.

We have taken Wyckoff’s theories and created a suite of proprietary analytics that measures supply and demand of markets and individual securities, as well as other technical dynamics underlying their trend status.

Some subscribers use our recommendations to generate additional portfolio gains; some use our strategies to generate portfolio income, and some use our strategies to protect portfolio positions. Either way, we help the individual investor to generate returns that can exceed that which the average portfolio manager generates in a typical year.

Warren Buffet is famous for saying: “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”. With the tools, and strategy we provide our Subscribers, we make it possible to take advantage of the market cycles and to be in the markets when the risk/reward ratio favors the investor and to be out or protective of capital when markets are extended or a correction is pending.

With our approach to portfolio management, you always stay in control. We are not a custodian of your money. You are free to choose any brokerage company you wish. We provide the recommendations, you decide whether to trade. Most importantly, you maintain control of your capital.

Sir John Templeton is quoted as saying: “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd“. That is exactly what we do at Portfolio Research Partners.

Our goal is to shift the risk/reward equation to the benefit of the individual investor.

“The Art & Science of Investing”