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Momentum Indexing

The Art & Science of Investing™

Momentum Indexing is the study of 21 indexes representing virtually all investable asset classes. These include equities, currencies, commodities and fixed income. We use Exchange Traded Funds to express our investment thesis, both levered and unlevered depending on your risk profile.

Using our approach, Subscribers routinely make gains of 20% to 30% on trades in a matter of days or a week or two. Read on to find out how.

How do we do it?

We developed a set of professional grade analytics to study supply and demand states, momentum trends and directional changes. This enables our Subscribers get in first and get out before the pain begins. This means our Subscribers can manage risk, profit in all types of market conditions and earn a balanced return above the broad market benchmarks.

Momentum Indexing is a directionally agnostic strategy, meaning we don't care if indexes move up or down, we find profitable solutions regardless of market conditions. This means that we make profitable investing recommendations regardless of market direction. Said another way; we make you money in both up and down markets.

Avoid common mistakes individual investors make:

• Buying when you should be selling;
• Holding a losing position;
• Paying recurring fees and other portfolio management expenses.

The heart and soul of the Momentum Indexing strategy is the Index Analysis Summary: 

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