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Market Master

The Art & Science of Investing™


Market Master is a weekly publication designed to provide Subscribers with an overall feel for the US equity market, its current directional trend and status as well as a sense of possible directional changes that may be emerging.

Over the last 15 years:

• There have been 24 periods where the US stock market corrected 5% or more;

• That means that on average the market corrects every eight months or so;

• Resulting in an average decline of 12%.

• Eight of these corrections resulted in declines of over 15%;

• During these Bear Markets the average duration was 62 days;

Are you ready for the next one?

With Market Master, we use Proprietary Professional Grade Analytics to quantify the current market state and spot trend changes...

• Market Cycle Indicator ("MCI")

• Mean Reversion Index ("MRI")

• Bond Price Correlation Index

• Rate of Change Index – S&P500

• Volatility Divergence Indicator

Market Master Technical Analysis

This analysis combines the technical analysis of our five proprietary technical indicators and the six primary market indexes we use to form our conclusions as to current market trend and trend strength.




Fundamental Analysis...

But we don't rely exclusively on technical analysis as we draw conclusions about the condition and status of the markets. We also provide our Subscribers with a fundamental context in which to view the markets and our conclusions and recommendations. 


MarketMaster 2


Portfolio Research Partners analysis's research the markets with the following primary objectives:

• When Subscribers should be exposed to long risk positions in the equity markets;

• When should Subscribers liquidate positions and protect profits, and;

• When are markets positioned so the Subscribers can profit from short positions as markets decline.

Because we can spot trend changes with a high degree of accuracy, our strategies enable you to move to the safety of cash or employ certain hedging strategies in times of volatility. Many Subscribers actually put on counter trend or short positions during these periods to make money during downturns in markets.


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Let the other guys play on fear and greed, we provide a system and the tools to get it right and you become one of the winners instead of one of the losers, a Master of the Market.