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Portfolio Research Partners

We are a quantitative research company formed to bring accurate, insightful and profitable investing ideas to individual investors who are managing their portfolios.

To those investors, we applaud you. You have realized that paying third parties is a major impediment to portfolio growth.

According to US News, 90% of professional money managers do not match the broad market returns in any given year.

Our research and analysis is focused on being in the market when the risk/reward ratio is favorable and safely in cash or even short when markets correct.

Markets are fueled by two things; Fear & Greed and Supply & Demand. We quantify these dynamics and turn them into strategic tools to help you prosper.

At Portfolio Research Partners, we provide you the tools and ideas to meet and beat the markets whether they are going up or down.

Please tour our website. We look forward to helping you grow your portfolio.




Bob Williams, Chicago

“I have used Momentum Indexing for six months and can tell you that it is an easy way to make money. Just follow the Capital Allocation recommendations, it’s that easy.”


John Nash, Dallas TX

“I have been a Subscriber of the Market Master Report for over a year and they nail it every time”. 

Frank Sullivan, St. Louis

“I trade the market and the Momentum Indexing service is right up my alley.  I love that I can target a group of indexes either long or short and make huge profits”. 





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The key to successful investing is to be in the right risk assets at the right time and to proactively manage your portfolio risk.



We have developed a suite of proprietary analytic tools to help us identify profitable trading opportunities for our Subscribers. These tools enable us to recommend when to get in and when to take profits with uncanny accuracy.



The old adage “Knowledge is Power” is so true when it comes to investing.  In fact, having the knowledge of what to do and when to do it is the difference between a gain and a loss.  Our research helps Subscribers understand all things that affect your portfolio growth.



Brokers and advisors would have you believe that they can stock pick your way to retirement. The fact is that the movement in the price of stock is 85% a function of the direction of the market. We get you in when the risk/reward is in your favor and out when it is time to book gains.  

Our Specialties

Market Analysis & Forecasting

Identifying Profitable Trading Opportunities

Growth Orientated Portfolio Strategies

Capital Allocation

Risk Management

Portfolio Growth

85% winning recommendation

Average return of 12% in ten days.

Average annual returns of over 400%

Our analytics keep Subscribers' capital safe when markets correct

Avoid broker and Advisor fees that dilute portfolio returns.



  • Generally highly liquid investment vehicles.
  • Low Expense Ratios.
  • Virtually any investable asset class is represented.
  • Highly focused or broad market exposure.
  • Unlevered and Leveraged ETF.
  • Bull and Bear so you can make money in any market condition.
  • Great for hedging other core portfolio positions